Finding the Right Daycare for your Child

In Canada, we are fortunate that most parents are able to take a full year of parental leave and children don’t have to start daycare until they are a year old but for some families (and in many countries), children start much earlier.  As someone who has worked and…

Cardboard Challenge

Creativity /kriːeɪˈtɪvɪti/ noun 1. The use of imagination or original ideas to create something “firms are keen to encourage creativity” Synonyms: inventiveness; imagination; innovation; originality; individuality; artistry; expressiveness; vision Oxford Dictionary may use the above definition for creativity but after reading this article about 9-year-old Caine Monroy, it wouldn’t be surprising…

How was school today?

“Good.” “Fine.” These are probably the most frequent responses parents hear about a child’s school day. As a group, parents are understandably curious and eager to find out exactly what happened during their child’s day, from the moment they were dropped off until the moment they are picked up….

Singing in the bath is for babies too!

Bath time. Let’s face it – Babies are messy! Between poopy diapers and getting food in their hair, nose, and anywhere but their mouth during meal-times it feels like it’s always bath time! So let’s talk about some ways that you can make bath time enjoyable for yourself, fun…

Why Play?

play plā/ verb engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. “the children were playing outside” Synonyms: amuse oneself, entertain oneself, enjoy oneself, have fun Play allows us to explore, negotiate, create meaning of the world and take risks within a safe environment….