At PEEK-A-BOOST PLAY we emphasize bringing together different perspectives from a variety of professional fields.  Our Philosophy is simple – child development does not happen in silos. What does this mean?  It is through interactions with others that a child develops, puts together and uses communication, social-emotional and motor skills. Here’s an example – when a child is learning how to crawl, it might look like they’re just working on their physical development but actually they’re doing so much more.  When a child crawls, (s)he is also:

  • developing communication and social emotional skills while looking back and checking in with parents
  • reading facial expressions to determine if an area is safe to explore or if it is something to avoid
  • expanding sensory experiences as they move about different surfaces and touch a wide variety of items

Our work is rooted in extensive research indicating that all domains of development – communication, social emotional, intellectual and physical development – are interdependent and work together to BOOST a child’s development and well-being. So instead of using programs and products that focus on one specific skill such as flash-cards, emotions bingo, etc., how can we work on all of these developmental skills simultaneously? Through PLAYful interactions!

All of our work is:

  • Grounded in research
  • Informed by professional experience
  • Collaborative
  • Inclusive of a variety of perspectives (e.g. Parents, Early Childhood Educators, Educators, Social Workers, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists etc.)
  • Culturally responsive